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PRC Tax Services

How Can We Help You Setting Business in the PRC? 

On the compliance side, PKF Hong Kong's professional tax advisors can assist your PRC enterprises to fulfill annual reporting requirements under PRC transfer pricing regulations including the compilation of contemporaneous transfer pricing reports.

We defend our clients in tax audit and investigation instigated by the PRC tax authorities, resolve tax disputes and agree on the amount of tax undercharged plus penalty by compromised settlement with the PRC tax authorities.

PKF Hong Kong's professional PRC tax advisors can help foreign investors set up a business presence in the PRC, including wholly foreign-owned enterprises (“WFOE”), joint ventures, representative offices, etc., and handle all business entity set-up matters including preparation and submission of set-up documents and the opening of corporate bank accounts with local banks. 

To manage transfer pricing risk in the PRC, we shall assess your intra-group pricing policy for related party transactions, perform benchmarking analysis and provide our recommendations under PRC transfer pricing regulations compilation of contemporaneous transfer pricing reports.

Our PRC Tax Services Include:

  • Corporate Income Tax advisory and planning in the PRC
  • PRC tax compliance
  • VAT, Business Tax, Land VAT, Stamp Duty,Customs Duty advisory in the PRC
  • Transfer pricing advice and preparation of transfer pricing documentation
  • Group restructuring to mitigate PRC tax exposure and risk on repatriation of profits, capital gain tax, etc.
  • Advice on tax-efficient remuneration package for expatriates working in the PRC
  • Advice on structuring of investment in the PRC
  • Advice on the merit of, and assisting clients in setting up establishments, structuring of investment, ownership changes, etc.
  • Conducting tax due diligence in merger/acquisitions and IPO projects
  • Preparing health check reports
  • Dealing with PRC tax authorities in tax audit and investigation cases
  • Setting up of WFOE, joint ventures and representative offices in the PRC
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