Our audit and assurance service division has been providing our client with the service and solutions they need since the Firm’s inception and continues to be a cornerstone that forms part of our core services.

We work with our clients as business partners to cater to individual assurance service needs.

Through the decades, we have built up extensive resources and requisite audit experience to help our partners create value and grow their own businesses.

We are committed to providing professional services and solutions covering a wide gamut of financial services covering statutory audits, due diligence and acquisition audits, agreed-upon procedures and other financial reporting and advisory services.

We provide a vast breadth of audit & assurance services to clients in different industries, including capital markets, construction, financial and professional services, hospitality, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, private equities, retail, and consumer industries.

With over 48 years of audit and assurance experience, we pride ourselves on providing the requisite expertise to cater to our clients’ needs.


Scope of services

PKF Hong Kong offers a range of financial audit and assurance solutions to cater to each individual organization’s needs and business goals are accomplished.

External / Statutory Audit

PKF Hong Kong provides independent assurance on financial and nonfinancial information to comply with regulatory requirements as well as individual stakeholder needs.

We carry out our audits in accordance with relevant International and Hong Kong audit standards.

Our audit methodology provides due importance on a risk-based audit approach that creates value for our clients and their stakeholders by not only for mere regulatory compliance but by alerting individual enterprises to potential business and financial reporting risks areas.

Due Diligence

We think like investors.

In order to make the right decision in a transaction, you have to be equipped with the right knowledge at the right time. Due diligence is crucial in the pre-listing stage of an enterprise going public as well as in support of any M&A activities.

Our due diligence specialists will provide better clarity to clients to help better understand the opportunities and potential risks and be able to arrive at an effective and confident decision based on factual documentation.  

Financial Reporting

As qualified accountants, our professionals are well-versed in the latest developments in financial reporting standards including potential challenges and their impact on an organization’s financial position and performance. 

We can assist companies by providing ad-hoc or customized solutions outside the regular statutory or external audit requirements which may also help enterprises be better equipped with preparing timely and accurate financial information which are compliant with current accounting standards.

Agreed-upon procedures

As a decision maker, you may often need assistance in getting sufficient assurance that business processes, including operational and financial reporting systems, are working as designed.

Our team of multi-disciplinary professionals may be able to provide assistance on ad-hoc assurance services which may include internal control reviews, operational and process flow design, financial analysis etc.

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