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Disclaimer PKF Hong Kong Limited

PKF Hong Kong is a member firm of the PKF International Limited family of legally independent firms and does not accept any responsibility or liability for the actions or inactions of any individual member or correspondent firm or firms.

The registered office of PKF Hong Kong is:

26/F, Citicorp Centre,

18 Whitfield Road,

Causeway Bay,

Hong Kong

All the information and materials contained in this website are provided for general information purposes only and do not constitute professional advice. YOU SHOULD NOT RELY ON ANY MATERIALS ON THIS WEBSITE AS FORMAL PROFESSIONAL ADVICE.

PKF Hong Kong accepts no liability or responsibility for loss which may arise from your reliance on any information contained in this website. No contractual relationship shall be deemed to have been established unless and until a formal written engagement with us has been entered into.

This website contains links to other websites which are not maintained or controlled by this firm. We do not guarantee or endorse the accuracy, veracity, reliability or adequacy of the contents or any other information, goods, services or advertisement provided by such websites. We also do not accept any responsibility for any loss, claim, injury, liability or damage of any kind arising from the use of such third party content, or for any errors or omissions.

Privacy Policy Statement


PKF Hong Kong is committed to protecting data privacy. We value the trust of the public and those we deal with and recognise that maintaining this trust requires transparency and accountability in how we treat personal data that is shared with us.

This Privacy Policy Statement (“Policy”) has been adopted to guide how we collect, use and disclose the personal data acquired in the course of conducting our business and fulfilling our professional responsibilities.

This Policy applies only to the specific web-pages of PKF Hong Kong. Please be aware that PKF Hong Kong’s website may contain links to other sites, including sites maintained by PKF international or member firms that are governed by other privacy statements that may differ somewhat and/or contain information as required under the local law applicable to each member firm. We encourage users to review the privacy policy of each website they visited before disclosing any personal data.

Personal Data

Personal data means any information about you from which it is possible and practical to ascertain your identity, in a form in which access to or processing of the data is practicable (e.g. a document or a videotape). Public information is not subject to privacy legislation and is therefore excluded from this Policy.

Sensitive Personal Data

Sensitive Personal Data refers to the various categories of personal data identified by European and other data privacy laws as requiring special treatment, including the need to obtain explicit consent. These categories comprise personal data regarding a person's race, ethnicity, political beliefs, trade union membership, religious or similar beliefs, physical or mental health, sexual life or criminal records.

Collection and use of personal data

When you visit this website, your personal data may be collected either by your voluntary submission (e.g. your email enquiry) or by technical means (e.g. identification of your IP address). PKF Hong Kong may use your personal data collected at this website to respond your enquiry, send you reference materials and information about events that may be of interest to you, personalise your user experience, match with available job opportunities with PKF Hong Kong, or for the specific purposes mentioned at the time of collection or for purposes directly related to those specific purposes.

By submitting your personal data to PKF Hong Kong, you will be taken to have consented to such use of your personal data. If you do not agree, please do not submit your personal data. Unless we obtain your permission, your personal data will not be used for other purposes.


PKF Hong Kong’s website uses cookies to enable website functions and for tracking performance. PKF Hong Kong’s policy governing our use of cookies can be found at https://www.pkf-hk.com/cookie-policy.

Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics to track performance. For example, we may track visitor sessions and referral sources to our site. We use this data to understand site performance to serve you better. We may also track the performance of promotional links to our site. No personal data is passed to Google Analytics.  You may opt out of Google Analytics data collection by using the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

Policy for Children

PKF Hong Kong understands the importance of protecting children's privacy, especially in an online environment. Our website is not intentionally designed for, or directed at minors, and our policy is never to knowingly collect or maintain children’s data except where required as part of an engagement to provide professional services and with the requisite consent. We encourage parents and legal guardians to monitor their children’s Internet usage and to help us enforce our privacy policy by instructing them to never share personal data through our website without their permission.

Sharing and Transfer of Personal Data

PKF Hong Kong may share your personal data with other PKF member firms across geographical borders or third party service providers to help fulfill your requests. By providing personal data online to us, you are consenting to the transfer of your personal data in this manner. PKF Hong Kong will neither sell personal data to any third parties nor transfer your personal data to any third parties for their own direct marketing use.


It is not mandatory for you to provide any personal data to PKF Hong Kong online, but certain personal data may be required in order for you to receive additional information about our services and events. If you have opted-in for particular services or to receive communications from us and no longer wish to receive such services or communications, you may unsubscribe at any time by following the instructions included in each communication.


Personal data will be maintained as completely, accurately and up-to-date as possible having regard to the purpose(s) for which the personal data is or is to be used. You may update your personal data with us any time in writing.

Data security

PKF Hong Kong has reasonable security policies and procedures in place to protect personal data from unauthorised or accidental access, processing, erasure, loss, alteration, or destruction. Appropriate physical and electronic measures commensurate with the sensitivity of the data and the consequential harm that may be resulted in case of the aforesaid are used to help ensure that personal data is secure. To the best of our ability, access to your personal data is limited to those who require the data to fulfil their job responsibilities and on a need basis.

PKF Hong Kong adopts appropriate levels of security protection by restricting physical access to data via the provision of secure storage facilities and the incorporation of security measures into equipment in which data is held. If a data processor is engaged to process personal data on behalf of PKF Hong Kong, we will impose contractual obligations on our data processors or adopt other means to prevent unauthorized or accidental access, processing, erasure, loss or use of the transferred data.

Retention of personal data

PKF Hong Kong will take reasonable and practicable steps to ensure that personal data is retained only for so long as is necessary for fulfilling the purpose for which it is collected and will not be kept longer than necessary. After that, your data will be deleted.


Your personal data will generally be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to any other person without your consent.  However, your data will be used and disclosed to third parties for the purposes for which they were collected.  We may also disclose your personal data to a third party when we are required to do so by law. 

Right of access to or correction of personal data

You are entitled to have access to any of your personal data held by us and to correct or update it if necessary.  It is the policy of PKF Hong Kong to comply with all data access requests and data correction requests in accordance with the applicable legislation. PKF Hong Kong may impose a reasonable fee for processing any data access or correction requests.  Please direct your request(s) to enquiry@pkf-hk.com.

Changes to this policy

PKF Hong Kong may update this Policy from time to time in order to bring it up to date with the latest legislative and regulatory requirements.

If you have any question or comment about our administration of your personally identifiable information, please contact us by email at enquiry@pkf-hk.com or write to us at:

Marketing Department

PKF Hong Kong Limited

26/F, Citicorp Centre,

18 Whitfield Road,

Causeway Bay,

Hong Kong

You may also use these addresses to communicate any concerns you may have regarding compliance with our Privacy Policy Statement. 

Policy version date as at 21.4.2022