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Newsletters - 2021-10-26

Personal Liability of Company Directors on Penalty Tax for Incorrect Profits Tax Returns Filed

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Newsletters - 2021-09-20

Covid-19 Guidance issued by the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department on Certain Tax Issues

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Newsletters - 2021-03-01

Hong Kong Transfer Pricing: Recent Developments and Deadlines

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Newsletters - 2021-02-24

2021-2022 Hong Kong Budget Summary

The Financial Secretary of the Hong Kong SAR Government, the Honourable Mr. Paul Chan Mo-po delivered the 2021-22 Budget Speech in the Legislative Council today (24 February 2021).

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Newsletters -2020-12-01

Abolition of Doubled Ad Valorem Stamp Duty on Non-residential Property Transactions

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Newsletters -2020-09-09

Master File and Local File Deadlines

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Newsletters -2020-09-02

Second Tranche of Employment Support Scheme

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Newsletters -2020-08-31

Hong Kong Limited Partnership Fund Regime

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Newsletters -2020-06-16

New IIT Regime: First Annual Individual Income Tax Filing on Comprehensive Income

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Newsletters -2020-04-15

Two Rounds of Stimulus Packages Amidst COVID-19 Outbreak by the Hong Kong Government

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